HIWeather 2020 Workshop registration deadline was extended to 20 October

HIweather workshop is a free online workshop on the latest HIWeather research that will be held on December 1-3 2020.

Registration will give you access to:

  • 26th October 20:00 – 21:30 UTC:        Online seminar on warning communication
  •  Week beginning 2nd November (date/time tbd):      Online seminar on impact-based warnings
  •  11th November 20-22UTC:                       Online seminar on warning evaluation joint with                                                                                     2020-IVWM-O       (https://jwgfvr.univie.ac.at)
  •  Week beginning 16th November (date/time tbd):     Online seminar on forecasting hazards
  •  Week beginning 23rd November (date/time tbd):     Online seminar on hazardous weather processes
  •  1st December:        Workshop on “Successful citizen science”
  •  2nd December:       Workshop on “Warnings value chain”
  •  3rd December:       Workshop on “Towards the perfect warning”

For more information see http://hiweather.net/article/18/1.html