On-going activities

Keith Williams and Ayrton Zadra. The Working Group on Numerical Experimentation (WGNE). Presentation at JMA, October 2018

WGNE Exercise: Evaluating Aerosols Impacts on Numerical Weather Prediction
Presentation on the the project status (2018)
Presentation on the the project status (2019)
Minutes of the joint coordination meeting of WMO GAW, WWRP and WCRP WGNE, S2S and APP  SAG teams (EGU 2019)
Presentation at the Meetings of the WMO Global Atmosphere Watch Programme Modelling Applications Scientific Advisory Group and the Monitoring, Analysis and Prediction of Air Quality project science team, WMO Secretariat, Geneva, Switzerland, May 27-29, 2019
Contacts: Ariane Frassoni

The Surface Flux Intercomparison project
WGNE welcomes input for a surface flux intercomparison by 1 July 2019!
WGNE Surface Flux Intercomparison Protocol (Phase 1) 
Presentation on the Surface Flux Intercomparison project (2018)
The Drag Project
Contacts: Ayrton Zadra

The MJO Task Force

Model evaluation

WGNE Systematic Error Survey Results Summary (Febr 2019)